I recently rediscovered the joy of watching Rush Hour 1 & 2. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are an unbeatable team--if you haven't seen it, which apparently a lot of people haven't--then you need to watch it right now. The whole reason I even revisited these movies is because I discovered my friend and former professor Jack Pendarvis had never seen them. He's seen both Under Siege movies, but not Rush Hour, can you believe it? (Do not worry, he watched them and loved them!)

Unfortunately, the movies are not available on any streaming service at this moment in time, which is the equivalent of it "not existing" since no one is willing to purchase DVDs anymore. I actually didn't realize that was "a thing" until someone made a casual joke about it once and then I had to pretend I was in on the joke, when really I had no idea buying physical copies of movies was passé. Viewing technicalities aside, you will not regret the time you invest in this film franchise. I hope you're not reading the tone of this blog post with any hint of irony. If you doubt the historic relevancy of these films, I'd like to remind you that Jackie Chan just got an honorary Oscar.